Rohit Kumar Thakur

अहम् ब्रह्मास्मि


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Rohit Kumar Thakur

About Me

Hey there! I'm Rohit Kumar Thakur, from Madhubani, Bihar, India. Even though I didn't finish college, I love coding, making mobile apps, building web apps, and diving into machine learning & AI. When I'm free, I like sharing what I know on Medium and making YouTube videos. Thanks for checking me out!
From the get-go, I've always wanted to start my own company. I'm big on making knowledge available to everyone, which is why I write and make videos. I want to help others avoid the struggles I faced when I started out.
Looking ahead, I'm excited about what's next. Right now, I'm hustling to make ends meet and laying the groundwork for my startup. I'll keep sharing what I know on Medium, YouTube and Social Media, and if you want to support me, that'd be awesome.

Rohit Kumar Thakur
"Beginning Are Usually Scary, And Endings Are Usually Sad, But It's Everything In Between That Makes It All Worth Living"
- Bob Marley